Queen of Vaudeville:

The Story of Eva Tanguay
Finally ... a Book About Her

NOW you can go on Eva Tanguay’s amazing journey, from the wilds of Canada where she was born, to the bustling New England mill town where she was raised and became a child actor, to New York City of the early 1900s where she made her name and starred in Ziegfeld’s vaunted Follies, then finally west, to Southern California, where she retired to a bungalow, swearing time and again to make a comeback that never happened.

Follow her legendary rise as a portrayer of Little Lord Fauntleroy, to the singer of “I Don’t Care,” to the girl-wonder of Broadway and vaudeville. Follow Eva through her innumerable romantic blowups. See her make, spend, give away, and lose millions. Find Eva among her friends, peers, and artistic heirs: Sophie Tucker, Mae West, Anna Held, Florenz Ziegfeld  Jr., Trixie Friganza, Ed Wynn, Darryl Zanuck, and many others. Enjoy a score of rare, glamorous, and revealing illustrations, some never published before, in the first biography of America’s first diva, the one who laid the groundwork for the Madonnas and Lady Gagas of our day.

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Learn a little more about Eva Tanguay by watching this hilarious (if we say so ourselves) comedy video starring the author and actress Katherine Wessling. Directed by Matt Scott.

Get Queen of Vaudeville: The Story of Eva Tanguay, by Andrew L. Erdman (Cornell University Press, $29.95). Purchase or pre-order now at Cornell University Press or Amazon.

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